Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watching Children Grow

Last week James was on vacation and we spent some time cleaning out our bedroom closet. In the back of the closet we found "The Picture Bible" that his mom had given to us some time ago when Carly was a baby. Carly has a baby bible but it is really too young for her now so we told her last night that we were "giving" her a new bible but she had to give her old bible to Logan. She was so excited to have a big girl bible!

We were all sitting in bed last night reading her bible to her and Logan and a feeling of calmness just rested on me. I had this feeling of desire to learn more myself. So after we tucked the kids in bed I did something I have never done before: I picked up my bible and started reading. I don't know why I have never read the bible before, I guess maybe because the language is hard for me to understand. But I was determined no to let that get in my was.

My Sunday school class is studying 1st and 2nd Kings right now so that is were I started. After I finished the lesson for this Sunday, I flipped open to Proverbs and skimmed over that. Next I went to Revelations. I have always wanted to read Revelations but after attempting to read the first chapter I got so lost and confused I had no idea what I was reading! So I just read the study questions in my bible in Revelations.

I was done after that since it was a little on the late side. But what really got me thinking about this is how my children's growth in the Lord has really given me a desire to grow in Him myself. Children are so young and pure and speak whatever is on their minds and that is such a great quality. Having children is the single most important thing that has happen in my life because if it wasn't for them, I would not have any faith in God. I wouldn't know who He is and I would continue to be a lost soul. I thank God for my kids and one day when they are older I intend on telling them exactly what they have done in my life.

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