Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wonderful Gifts

Our pastor at church gave us a bible study guide a few months back when we asked him for one for couples. It is a Masterwork guide for the Spring 2010 featuring lessons from "He Chose The Nails" by Max Lucado and "Desiring God" by John Piper. We had put it away on our bookcase because we didn't think that is what we were looking for. Well, while cleaning our room a few weeks ago I came across it again and tonight I decided to start it by myself. "He Chose The Nails" is the first lessons in this guide. I like this guide because the publisher has broken it down by day. So here is what hit me tonight.

On day one it is labels "His Love" and the topice is You Did This For Me? Now when I think about what Christ endured during his crucifixion I think of the cross. The cross is the main symbol of what people see as God's gift to us during that time since that is where Jesus died at. Now, I have just barely scratched the surface of this guide and I am already getting a lot out of it. God didn't just give us the cross, He also gave us the nails, the crown of thorns, gaments taken by the soldiers... the list really does go on and on. The power of the cross is amazing in of itself but when we think about all the rest of the things that Jesus had to go through, those gifts are also amazing!

Thank you God for the gifts that you gave to us, for it is those gifts is the reason that we are saved!

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  1. oh no way! I want that!! I just finished Desiring God - ironic!! It was so tough to get through but I LOVED IT!! and Lucado is awesome. enjoy!! :)